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Your Reliable White Onyx Supplier for Sale from China

The White Onyx is known for its mesmerizing beauty. It gives off an off-white, pristine or milky white colour. The translucency and enticing nature of the white Onyx stone slab gives it a sophisticated hue. Due to its polished and smooth surface, it allows for the easy penetration of light. The White Onyx stone’s multifaceted appearance gives it a stunning visual. It has an inner vein-like and intricate design pattern despite it’s smoothness which is best seen with light. It is formed by composed calcite.

White Onyx - Slab Color Texture

The white onyx slab, color, texture, and collection are ideal for architectural projects anywhere in the world. It brings beauty to indoor locations like lounges, parlours, rooms, kitchens, dining, bathrooms, and toilets. It also brings beauty to outdoor ocations wherever white onyx slab is essential.

Benefits of the White Onyx Slab

White Onyx has a translucent nature that creates a luminous visual allure when light passes through it. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, the white Onyx tends to stand out with it’s unique characteristics.

The White Onyx has a wide versatile application range. It can be used to cater for various design or architectural styles. These styles range from kitchen tops to even wall cladding.

It has a proper lighting feature. One of the white onyx stone benefits is that when illuminated reveals it’s inherent beauty and stunning glow. The backlit lighting effects plus it’s distinct patterns provide a form of ambience and a sense of warmth.

The White Onyx Slab is durable and temperature resistent. It is capable of withstanding wears and tears often caused by daily use in high traffic areas. White Onyx can be used in cold or heated areas.

Black and White Onyx Stone can be easily maintained as it is a low maintenance stone. It’s surface prevents the growth of harmful microbes which makes it suitable for use in areas that require high hygiene.

White Onyx is eco friendly and environmentally sustainable. It has little to no impact on the environment. White Onyx stone properties have timeless beauty and long time value.

What Does White Onyx Do?

White Onyx serves as a decorative element that allows for aesthetics, practicality, relaxation, customization and functionality.

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Kitchen Countertop and Worktop

The White Onyx kitchen countertops and worktops, are more durable, easier to maintain and resistant to stains.


White Onyx tiles create an aesthetic appeal and sophistication on any surface. Best suited for commercial and residential areas.

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Feature wall

The Onyx feature wall helps to elevate the design of any room. It adds texture and depth to interior spaces.


White Onyx tiles create an aesthetic appeal and sophistication on any surface. Best suited for commercial and residential areas.

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Bathroom White Onyx Vanity Top

The smooth surface of the White Onyx bathroom vanity top makes it easier to clean and use in hygiene required areas.


White Onyx fireplace provides an ethereal glow that adds ambience to any space. It is perfect for cozying up by the fire.

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A white Onyx bathtub provides a kind of spa like treatment due to the stone’s natural beauty. It upgrades a bathroom basic look to one oozing luxury.


White Onyx mosaics are naturally tailored to suit any aesthetic requirements while adding a touch of sophistication to any space. It is perfect as a decorative element.

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Coffee Table

Whether paired with a traditional or modern decor, a white Onyx coffee table will always stand out. It allows light to penetrate through it while making a luxurious statement in any interior space.

Dining Table

The White Onyx Dining table is suitable for both formal or casual dinner gathering. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Vessel Sink

The White Onyx vessel sink adds sophistication and elegance to any white onyx bathroom space. It shows off it’s intricate patterns thus making a visually appealing focal point.

Dining Table

White Onyx vase has both practical and decorative uses. When added to shelves or tables, their timeless beauty always makes a statement.

White Onyx Marble with Light Backlit and Without Light Backlit

White Onyx Marble with Light Backlit gives a soft diffused glow. The illumination reveals it’s overall beauty, intricate texture and patterns. It draws attention to interior spaces while creating a sense of luxury, elegance and sophistication.

White Onyx Marble without Light Backlit lacks the dramatic effects caused by lighting. It excludes elegance but in a calm and muted aesthetic appeal. The intricate patterns are still visible but less pronounced and softer.

white onyx vanity top backlit
White Onyx basin

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The George Stone White Onyx has exceptional quality and durability which is unparalleled in comparison to others. It gives off a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing appeal when used for flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, vases and many more. The texture and pattern of the White Onyx especially when backlit provides interior spaces with classy ambience. The George Stone White Onyx is mined from selected quarries with state of the art processing. Thus, it has structural integrity and consistency in texture and colour.

It is also versatile and suitable for various designs such as traditional and sleek modern decor. It further allows designers to express their creativity by achieving personalized aesthetics. The George Stone White Onyx stone properties boasts of high quality, taste and sustainability. Plus, you can be sure to get excellent customer service and standard stone packaging.

White Onyx stone is a calcium carbonate mineral that can be slowly crystallized for years. What is white onyx good for in a building? The white onyx benefits are that it is a premium product in different areas of use, be it kitchen white onyx stone countertops, wall cladding, ground coverings, and decorative elements. Considered as a premier artistic material, it is appreciated for its regal and stylish physical properties together with a superb optical effect caused by a light source in the background. Finished off with the translucency of white onyx, the light passes through the stone and so enhances the charm of the room.


Being a real stone, white onyx has all the attributes that a real stone possesses including those of its natural counterpart. It has to be highlighted that, white onyx like other minerals, natural stones, also require proper handling, and maintenance to make it look best and last long.


White Onyx



Formed from calcite minerals           

Formed from limestone


Translucent with unique veining

Varied patterns and veining


Highly translucent especially when backlit

Not translucent


Softer and more susceptible to engravings

Harder and more resistant to engravings

Stain Resistance

Requires regular sealing and care

Requires sealing but less susceptible


Easy to maintain

Easier to maintain


Less common and more expensive

More widely available


Kitchen Countertops, white onyx worktops, walls, and other decorative items

Countertops, flooring, sculptures

Design Flexibility

Unique and distinctive

Wide range of patterns and colors

Its unique features make it possible for it to be backlit with a light. This special attribute distinguishes white onyx from other stones and makes it outstanding and captivating. White onyx transparency originates from the crystalline structure and chemical composition. This stone has small crystals of calcium carbonate which are closely packed with each other. The transparent crystalline structure acts as a light conductor, allowing the flow of light in the crystal, creating an intense luminous effect.  

When the white Onyx is backlit, the light seeps into it and bounces around inside the stone. The refraction and reflection of the light in many directions are due to the crystalline structure, which eventually produces an effect of a soft and diffused light. The light effects the unique veining patterns and mineral imperfections of stone making it look very attractive.

Backlighting is usually incorporated by installing the white onyx with a light source from behind. The light can be equally shared by means of LED panels, strips and some other ways. The light of the lamp goes through it and lights up the whole surface and with this, it shows its natural charm and creates a breath taking scene.

Please note, that the translucency of white onyx can fluctuate from one white Onyx slab to another according to its thickness. The thinner white Onyx slabs will be more translucent, and the thicker frames may have slightly less translucency.

The ability to backlight the white onyx gives it an important role in the fields that require a compelling visual impact. It is widely employed across interior design including feature walls, bar counters, reception desks and artistic installations among others. The lighting which makes everything look great and attractive generates a feeling of luxury and magnificence.

Here are some steps for the installation of the white Onyx backlit cladding:

Step 1: Decide where in the room you want to fix the white onyx backlit cladding. Factors like the size of the White Onyx slab, the required backlighting system, and the power needs of the installation should be taken into account.

Step 2: Select a white onyx slab that fits with your taste and fulfill the given dimensions for the project. Make sure that the slab is of good quality and without any cracks or defects.

Step 3: Determine which backlighting system you will use. LED panels or strips are generally the material of choice for the backlighting of white onyx. Have a professional draw up an electrical plan checking for the safety.

The white onyx cross cut is a distinctive feature that intersect the stripe patterns at different angles. The method by which it is created has the effect of making it look quite spontaneous and uneven, resulting in softer and more natural look. The short and long veins found in the white onyx cross cut display a more random, individually designed pattern. It is also frequently used in cases where a soft and muted type of veining is preferred like for countertops, backsplashes, or accent pieces.

The lifespan of a white onyx installation can very well last for years. But the durability of the installation is influenced by many factors, including the quality of the stone, the installation technique, and the level of maintenance it receives. While being a natural stone, the White Onyx lasts long and is durable. Thanks to its hardness and resilience, it is able to cope with the stress of repetitive wear and tear that are common in residential and commercial environments. The longevity of a white onyx installation can be greatly enhanced by proper cleaning, sealing, avoiding the use of powerful chemicals, physical protection and accurate installation.

White onyx, apart from its beauty, also gives some unique properties that includes resistance to heat, stains, and scratches.

White onyx has moderate heat resisting capacity. It can handle normal heating from hot dishes or cookware, including pots or pans. While generally appropriate, it is recommended to use trivets or hot pads to prevent destroying the surfaces from direct contact with the hot cookware or overexposure to high temperatures. Nevertheless, there is high possibility that extreme heat can lead to cracking or damage. The recommendations range in temperatures is between 60°F to 80°F.

The white onyx is much more prone to staining as compared to such other stones as granite. It includes calcite minerals, which are more acidic and reactive to household chemical exposures. To maintain the glow of white onyx stone countertops, it is advisable to clear acidic spills like the ones on citrus fruits, vinegar, and wine with immediate effect. Using, a cleaner that is tailor made for the white onyx can also be helpful. While this does limit the ability of white onyx to resist stains, sealing still can help white onyx remain stain resistant longer when resealed periodically.

White onyx is softer compared to most of the other stones. Thus, it can be vulnerable to scratches.  Cutting boards, coasters, and trivets shall be used on granite surfaces to prevent scratches.  By all means, avoid the use of abrasive cleaners and the ones that can damage the onyx. Instead, daily cleaning with non-abrasive, soft cloths or sponges should be sufficient enough.

Taking good care of White Onyx counters requires that you use soft and non-abrasive cleaning agents to avoid damaging or marring the white onyx stone countertops surface. These particular cleaners are: warm water and mild soap, cleaners indicated for stone, and baking soda paste for stubborn stains. Nevertheless, you can always contact your stone supplier for detailed cleaning instructions tailored to your white onyx surface and to be certain that you are using proper cleaning agents for your selected surface.

The white onyx thickness not only affects the nature of application but it also influences the aesthetics.

In terms of application, thicker White onyx slabs for sale are often used for countertops that you can find in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and other places. The thickness of the slab determines its ability to withstand wear and tear as well as its strength. These slabs are normally 1.5 cm, 1.8 cm, 2 cm (3/4 inch), and 3 cm (1 1/4 inch) in thickness, which make them good against impacts and heavy appliances and daily activities. For larger wall areas or a more massive look desired, it is essential to use thicker onyx slabs. They also allow for high level of durability and stability in flooring use.

For aesthetics, the thickness of the white onyx slabs can affect the visual appearance. Thicker slabs for countertops more often than not tend to have a solid and extravagant look which can be great as a statement piece in a design.

The slab thickness controls the effect of white onyx veining patterns. The massive slabs reflect larger and more conspicuous veins hence producing bold and dramatic looks. A thinner slab, in comparison, gives you a subtler and more refined veining design.

Thin pieces of white onyx are recommended for backlighting applications, where the stone is lit from the back and the translucency creates an amazing visual effect. Thin slabs are primarily good for such backlighting, this is because they let more light through and thus give a charming glow.

The sizes of white onyx tile may vary in popularity within different geographic areas, according to the trends, and personal preferences. While these sizes have gained popularity for their versatility and aesthetic appeal in white onyx tiles, they are also generally recognized dimensions that are widely used.  

The size of 12″ x 12″ (30 cm x 30 cm) is a classically chosen size for white onyx tiles. It is very versatile for multiple applications which includes wall, floor, backsplash and shower surrounds. The 12′ x 12′ size is great in that it can be easily installed, combined with any design style, and also creates patterns through multiple white onyx marble tiles.

The larger 18″x18″ (45cmx45cm) tile size gives a broader look and is generally employed in floors, walls, and other prominent spots. The vast size of the tiles provides fewer joint lines, thereby improving its aesthetic appeal. It is loved for the fact that it makes spaces look and feel more expansive.

The 24″ x 24″ (60 cm x 60 cm) tile is a large-format size that has seen a sharp increase in user interest lately. It provides a contemporary and luxurious look, where white onyx is frequently used as well. The size is large enough to create a sleek and sophisticated look as well as having fewer grout lines. It is generally employed in luxurious residential and commercial programs, where sleekness and visual perfection are highly appreciated.

The Rectangular Sizes (e. g. , 12″ x 24″ or 30 cm x 60 cm) tiles are common and are gaining popularity as well. These sizes allow you to obtain an elegant and modern shape which can be applied to form fabulous designs such as herringbone or staggered layouts. Rectangular tiles could provide great detail and are perfect for tiling floors, walls, or backsplash.

White onyx can be employed for flooring. Nevertheless, there are a few suggestions that need to be taken into account prior to making this decision. Durability is a major consideration especially when it comes to high traffic spots or areas where wear and tear is intense. Think about the intensity of traffic and the purpose of the space where the white onyx flooring will be installed.

White Onyx needs frequent and cautious maintenance in order to maintain its looks. It should be sealed tightly to prevent stains and moisture penetration. White onyx flooring is great for the creation of luxurious and elegant space. The material’s translucency and distinctive veining patterns give it a distinctive look and can create an air of sophistication. However, remember that the white color of white onyx makes dirt and dust more noticeable compared to dark-colored materials.

YES, the white onyx stone is expensive. The price may depend on many factors, including size, quality, and color.

The white onyx stone price per square meter is in the range of $50 – $200 while that of per square feet is in the range of $5 – $20.  

Another factor that affects the price is size, as larger slabs are rarer, and extracting them requires specific production methods, so they are more expensive. Onyx slabs with less distortion or blemishes, or those with more fashionable translucency or veining pattern, cost more. For instance, certain rarer varieties of white onyx with veining or a more icy white hue are more pricey. Thicker slabs (over 20mm) cost more because of the amount of material employed.

White onyx slabs include a variety of finishing options.

  • Polished:

This is the most loved finish for white onyx slabs for sale. It is a process of abrasive grinding and buffing to a very high-polish, which accentuates the stones natural beauty and transparency. A glossy finish highlights the colors and veins of the natural white onyx, which gives a touch of luxuriousness and sophistication.

  • Honed:

A honed finish is a smooth and matte surface with a slight sheen. It has a faded look to it and is suitable for those who would want to go for a more subtle or modern style. Apart from being seamless, a perfectly honed finish can also reduce the visibility of scratches and etching on the surface.

  • Leathered:

This technique involves brushing, which results in a rough and supple finish. It holds some of the features of a rock while presenting a particular feeling through it. A leathered finish can easily add depth, texture and visual appeal to a slab of white onyx.

  • Brushed:

Rubbing the textured finish of the white onyx stone slab will make it feel slightly rougher to the touch. The weathering process can give the stone a more rustic or natural look. It is a suitable choice for some design aesthetics.

The frequency of sealing a white onyx laminate countertop is dependent on lots of factors. These considerations include the type of sealer used, the stone’s porosity, and the type of usage and the possibility of its exposure to staining chemicals.

At the same time, white Onyx is a natural stone and might be more permeable compared to other countertop materials like granite or quartz. Absorbent surfaces are easier stained because they take liquid in quickly. Consequently, sealing might be necessary more than often for white onyx stone countertops than for less porous materials.

The type of the sealer used mostly influences the time of protection and the recommended reapplication interval. Always look at the instructions given by the manufacturer for the type of sealer to be used. Take into account the amount of wear and tear and the possible interaction with staining agents on your white onyx countertop. If the countertop is in a busy area like a kitchen, where it is likely to come in contact with acidic substances, oils, or anything pigmented, it may necessitate more frequent sealing. Moreover, if the countertop is subjected to direct sunlight sunlight or extreme heat, it can affect how long the sealer remains intact and what condition it is in.

In such case, a white onyx countertop should be sealed every year as a general rule of thumb. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that a countertop should be checked from time to time and the behavior of liquids on the surface should be considered. If you spot the stone drying quicker than before, or if there are signs of staining then it may mean that resealing is needed.

The size range of white onyx tiles may differ as per the  quarry, production, and cutting methods. Yet contrary to that, the white onyx slabs are often standard in shape and size, which are generally used in the stone industry.

The lengths of the white onyx slabs can be anywhere between 6 feet (72 inches or 182 centimeters) to 10 feet (120 inches or 305 centimeters). The width of the white onyx slabs is between 2 feet (24 inches or 61 ) and 4 feet (48 inches or 122). White White Onyx slabs thickness are usually found between 1.5 cm, 1.8 cm, 2 cm (3/4 inches), and 3 cm (1 1/4 inches).


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