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Elegant White Terrazzo by George Stone

About Us

At George Stone, we have a beautiful selection of white terrazzo. Our terrazzo combines style with practicality. It offers a classic appearance to any area. Our professionals help you select the right color. They assist in finding the right fit for your personality and requirements. Choose George Stone for your terrazzo needs as they provide excellent and professional services in every project.

White Terrazzo Slab Production

At George Stone we produce white terrazzo slabs with great accuracy. We only use the highest quality marble, quartz, granite, and glass chips. These materials are bonded with cement or resin. The slabs are then polished to give it a shiny and smooth surface. With the modern technologies, we are able to provide the best quality products with the best uniformity and durability. This means that our terrazzo slabs are suitable for both modern and traditional designs.

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These seamless textures provide a consistent and classy look for any project. Check out our collection to discover exactly what you are looking for to suit your design requirements.

White Terrazzo Texture

White terrazzo textures are available in many finishes. Each suits different needs. Here are some popular options

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White Glossy Terrazzo

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White Matte Terrazzo

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Veneziano White Terrazzo

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White Sands Terrazzo

Benefits of White Terrazzo Floor

There are many advantages of white terrazzo flooring. Here are some of them


White terrazzo flooring is very durable. It is durable and can handle a lot of foot traffic. This material is very durable and lasts for a long time. It is suitable for use in both residential and commercial areas.

Heat Resistant

White terrazzo is heat resistant, suitable for use in areas with high temperatures. It ensures the floor’s durability as well as look in various settings.

Scratch Resistant

The surface of white terrazzo is scratch resistant. It retains the clean, sleek appearance. It is not damaged by daily use or contact with abrasive materials.

Stain Resistant

White terrazzo flooring does not get stained easily. It does not absorb common stains and spills easily. This helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the floor and making it look beautiful. Minimal maintenance is required.

Acid Resistant

White terrazzo is acid resistant, thus free from acid stains that can cause damages. This feature increases its durability and it also retains a very elegant look. It remains intact and beautiful even under adverse conditions.

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Applications of White Terrazzo Tiles

White terrazzo tiles are functional and beautiful at the same time. They suit various applications. It can be used in both homes and other buildings. Here are some popular uses:

Floor Tiles

White terrazzo floor tiles are quite sleek and elegant. These are durable, and once installed, they do not need constant attention. These tiles are suitable for areas that are used most of the time. They give a classy touch to any space.

Bathroom Tile

In the bathroom, white terrazzo tiles offer a clean and classy look. They are water and stain resistant, which makes them suitable for use in places that are prone to water exposure. In this way, the design and usability are maintained.

Coffee Table

White terrazzo coffee tables are not only fashionable but practical as well. It is usually glossy in appearance. This surface is very hygienic and very durable. It offers a beautiful and timeless centerpiece for any living room.

Side Table

A white terrazzo side table is a perfect addition to any given room. It is different from the others in its pattern. It serves both the functional and the decorative roles. This table can be fitted into any interior design with ease.

Kitchen Countertop

The white terrazzo countertops are modern and elegant. They are also not easily damaged by heat or scratches. This makes them perfect for use in the kitchen. They offer a practical and aesthetic solution to an area.

Bench Top

The white terrazzo bench tops are durable and stylish. They are also resistant to heat, stains and scratches. These are suitable faor use in both the indoor and outdoor settings. They make it strong and stylish.

Product Parameters and Quality Checks

George Stone gold marble products go through stages of quality checks. Our quality control process starts with inspecting the raw material and completes after the final packaging of the product. You can see all the specifications and composition information on our products.


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